Let's Talk Homz

It's time to talk homes - the whole spectrum. From remodels and re-dos, arranging to achieve simplicity, dreaming about spaces, protecting your biggest investment, the here and now of the real estate market and just plain getting inspired to better all things related to home - it's all gonna be here!

Wow - don’t you want to jump right into this ever so cozy, but modern room?! When I see photos like this, I stick them a folder called “spaces I love”. I may never do anything with all these photos other than dream about what it would be like to live in that room and to have it as part of my home. 

I save all of these photos thinking that one day when we decide to build a new custom home, I’ll reference all of these photos and sort of build the home from the inside out. 

Here’s what I love about this room: Great spot for the giant TV - you hardly know it’s there. Very cool way to incorporate a modern look in a traditional style home. I LOVE the length of the windows too - can you imagine how much light they let in?

And those couches look like the perfect spot for a Sunday nap!